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Representation in Court and Arbitration

The firm of LEVINE Bridge provides professional legal services to domestic and multinational firms and individuals to represent their interests in the courts. In addition, clients of LEVINE Bridge have the possibility to obtain efficient promotion of amicable settlement of disputes.

Professional services LEVINE Bridge in legal representation and arbitration:
- Representation in civil, administrative, labour and tax cases by the courts;
- Preparation of pre-trial claims and procedural documents;
- Advising on pre-trial and trial dispute resolution;
- Representation in the performance of judicial acts;
- Support of the cases challenging the decisions of arbitral tribunals to grant a writ of execution to enforce the decision of the arbitral tribunal;
- Support of proceedings on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements and Arbitral Awards, etc.

"...It should be noted the high level of responsibility shown, the skills and diverse experience of the employees of LEVINE Bridge, and the maximum care and individual attention to their clients.  LEVINE Bridge is a team of professionals..."
Head of the Department of Human Resources International Finance Corporation

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