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Tax Law

Tax legislation is a system of legal rules governing the introduction and imposition of Russian taxes and duties; it regulates relationships connected with the implementation of fiscal control and the use of tax liability etc.

One of the main conditions for effective entrepreneurship is the correct and prompt resolution of tax issues. Our team of professionals at LEVINE Bridge are here to help. 

The advantage of legal support from LEVINE Bridge as it relates to matters of taxation is not only a solid knowledge of the legislation, but also our extensive experience in practice of tax legislation.  LEVINE Bridge provides services on tax law to both individuals and legal entities.

In tax law the our firm is ready to offer our clients:
- Advising on taxation;
- Analysis of tax accounts;
- Completion of tax returns for individuals;
- Legal examination of actions of tax authorities, including those committed during the tax audit;
- Representation in dealings with tax authorities;
- Representation in tax disputes before the courts, etc.

"... Thanks to the experts at LEVINE Bridge for their assistance in dealing with complex tax issues.  In addition to the consultation which was provided to us and their full support and representation in the tax auditing.  It was completed at the highest level ..."
Chief Accountant of the pharmaceutical company

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