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Labour legislation

The main task of the labour law is to create the necessary legal conditions ensuring it best serves the interests of all members. 

The experts at the firm of LEVINE Bridge possess many years of experience advising many Russian and multinational firms, all are industry leaders in their respective industries.  Lawyers are perfectly familiar with the peculiarities and problems of labour law, prevailing jurisprudence, the nuances and the specifics of interaction with employees on all levels and specialties; this knowledge can be put in the service of your business.

LEVINE Bridge provides comprehensive legal support in covering all aspects of labour relations.

In the area of employment law the firm of LEVINE Bridge offers the following services:
- Subscription services on labour law;
- Audit work;
- Advising on employment matters, including matters of foreign nationals working in Russia and Russian citizens working abroad (obtaining a permit to work in Moscow, a visa for foreigners invited to work abroad for Russian citizens and permission for foreign labour force and t . etc.);
- The adaptation of global personnel policies for multinational companies for personnel in Russia (local regulations - taking into account aspects of the business);
- Development and legal expertise of the various types of documentation according to work, as well as HR outsourcing;
- Representation in relation to oversight and the enforcement of legislation;
- Representation in the resolution of labour disputes.

The services of our highly skilled practitioners in the field of labour law provides:
- Individual approach taking into account the peculiarities of the particular enterprise;
- Optimal solution, based on the specific situation;
- Analysis of the causes of the problem and develop measures to eliminate its recurrence;
- Effective regulation of the relations of employees with the employer and as a consequence - increasing efficiency throughout the organization.

"... Thanks to the experts at LEVINE Bridge for their assistance in dealing with complex tax issues.  In addition to the consultation which was provided to us and their full support and representation in the tax auditing.  It was completed at the highest level ..."
Chief Accountant of the pharmaceutical company

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