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Migration Legislation

With our extensive experience working with leading Russian and international companies, the professionals at LEVINE Bridge provide high quality legal services in an ever changing field such as migration. Lawyers strive to maximize efficient and financially advantageous solutions to legal problems facing clients. Significant is the fact that the prompt and competent legal support in the field of immigration law can prevent even the possibility of the emergence of many problems.

LEVINE Bridge provides legal advice on Visa and the registration of visas.  Russian visas, the registration of foreigners in Russia invariably contributes to a stable business in Russia and the financial success of our clients' business.

Highly skilled, English-speaking specialists are always happy to advise on any, even the most critical and controversial issues of immigration legislation.

Professional activities of the firm LEVINE Bridge in migration:
- Migration Audit;
- Legal advice on immigration legislation of Russia;
- Full visa support and registration in Russia (visas: business visa, work visa, work permit, etc.).

Cooperation with LEVINE Bridge provides clients with:
- Efficient delivery of immigration permits to companies and foreign nationals;
- Possibility to use the knowledge and expertise of consultants with legal education and specialization in matters of employment and administrative law;
- Offer solutions in the framework of existing legislation, taking into account the actual practice of migration, labour and tax matters;
- Optimization of the annual migration quotas in obtaining permits.

Services in the field of migration law:
- An invitation to the business and work visas to enter Russia;
- Registration of quotas on the invitation and work permit;
- Obtaining a permit to hire foreign workers;
- Registration of work permits for foreign citizens;
- Notification of public authorities to attract and use foreign workers;
- Statement of the organization to register with the Federal Migration Service of Russia (Moscow region);
- Design an invitation / voucher to enter the Russian Federation for foreign citizens for business travel, tourism, and to work;
- Registration / Renewal multiple work visa;
- Notifies immigration authorities about the arrival of a foreign citizen in a place of residence;
- Registration Card personal accreditation of foreign employees of representative offices and branches of foreign companies;
- Registration card visa services to foreign employees of subsidiaries and representative offices of international organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations;
- Recovery of lost immigration documents;
- Migration consulting.

The practitioners at LEVINE Bridge are pleased to offer additional opportunities for clients consisting in the convenience of the passage of migratory processes and solving problems of unusual circumstances. 

"...Employees of LEVINE Bridge more than once provided a truly productive experience, not just advice in dealing with complex issues of interaction with foreign firms involved in real estate outside the Russian Federation.  The high level of professionalism exhibited by the firm has enhanced the scope of our involvement in international business community... "
Director of a pulp and paper mill

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